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Sheneneh Jenkins


April 15 1971 (age 50)

Occupation | Hair Salon Owner |

Sheneneh Roshaniah Simone Jenkins (born April 15, 1971) is a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence. Sheneneh is a sassy, ghetto, flashy, mouthy, confrontational, and feisty. She is the owner of Sheneneh's Sho' Nuff Hair Salon. Sheneneh is tall and thick. She has something in common with Mama Payne, she doesn't like Gina. She lives in the apartment across from Martin.


Sheneneh wears different types of wigs which she refers to them as "weaves."

Most of Sheneneh's outfits are very-revealing.

Sheneneh wears nose piercing jewelry.

Early Life[]

Sheneneh was born in Detroit and raised by her grandmother Shirley Jenkins while her mother Shannon Lee Jenkins was in jail ,She went to jail when Sheneneh was 2 ,And Sheneneh Farther is unknown,Her mother got out when Sheneneh Graduated High school .

Sheneneh work in a salon as a teen because Sheneneh got into fights in school and when her grandmother was working as a secetary, Sheneneh work in a salon sweeping hair then by high school she was doing hair and nails, Then By age 18 promote to manger and changed the name to sheneneh's sho'nuff hair salon