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Full name | Pamela James
Nickname(s) | Pam (by everyone)
Gender | Female
Born | April 10, 1956
Age | 25-30 ( current age possible early 50's)
Occupation | Businesswoman, Singer
Parents | Unnamed mother
Biological father
Step-parents | Unnamed ex-boyfriend
Spouses |
Cousins | Tammy
Leon Lonny Love (1st cousin 2x removed)

Pamela "Pam" James is The Main Antagonist turned Anti-hero of Martin (tv series). She is Gina's sassy, beautiful, explosive best friend who is consistently portrayed as Martin's Arch Rival. Initially, Pam worked in a boutique on commission. In later episodes, it's revealed that she works at the PR firm where Gina is employed, as Gina's coworker . Pam and Tommy were occasionally flirtatious with each other in the beginning, and this developed into a romantic relationship for a brief time, during the Season 3. They later broke up near the beginning of Season 4 and remained friends for the rest of the series. During Season One, Cole harbored an unrequited crush on Pam, which she usually responded to by losing her temper with him.