Martin Payne
Title Martin Payne
Name Martin Payne
Gender Male♂
Age 33
Occupation Television star
Former Radio star
Former floor buffer
Former mail deliver
Former Hoochie Burger employee
Parents Mama Payne<br daddy Payne (father)
Other Family Grandmother-(probably deceased)
great-grandmother-(probably deceased)
Sunny-(Cousins) martin brother and sister (brother and sister)
Lovers Gina Waters-Payne-(wife)
Pamela James-(ex-wife; accidentally married)
First Appeared Beauty and the Beast
Last Appeared California, Here We Come
Portrayed by Martin Lawrence

Martin Payne ,(Bron August 12 1960) is the owner of his own Television show word on the street which is now filmed in L.A he is married to Gina Waters Payne .

About Martin

Martin, the title character, is a sweetheart deep down, but on the outside a very melodramatic, macho, ornery, blustery, conceited, inconsiderate, selfish, and insulting wise guy. Martin carries himself in a typical urban youth manner, using "Ebonics" and urban mannerisms. His girlfriend turned wife, Gina Waters, has sometimes tried to straighten him out or expostulate with him, but this had rarely worked what with Martin's ornery waywardness. Ever the paper tiger, Martin is not much of a physical fighter despite trying to come off as such. He has a particularly antagonistic relationship with Gina's best friend/co-worker, Pam. Every time Pam's in his presence, Martin antagonizes her, most often with degrading zingers that animalize her. Martin has many commonly used catchphrases on the show, from "Get to steppin" (when ousting guests from his apartment) and "Damn that, Gina!" (dismissing his wife's ideas) to "Damn, Damn, Daaamn!" (disappointment, a reference to Good Times), etc.

Family, Friends & OtherEdit

Gina Waters-Payne-(wife)Edit

Tommy Strawn - (best friend) Edit

Cole Brown- (best friend) Edit

Pam James -(frenemy) Edit