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Elroy Preston is a character portrayed by Martin Lawrence. He is a parody of Elvis Presley.Elroy is a forgotten and washed up. Elroy works at a auto-mechanic, and best known for breaking into song while performing his mechanical duties. He often distracts himself and irate others. Elroy only sings "Don't You Know Good".

Payne family[]

  • Junior is Martin's crazy, one-eyed uncle. He wears an eyepacth. He seemed to have a crush on Nadine Waters, but hated by Cliff Waters.
  • Fluorine is Mama Payne's cousin. She was in 1 episode. The only episode she was in was the 2nd Thanksgiving episode. She was the only known Payne to not be at Martin & Gina's wedding.
  • Sunny is Martin's thieving cousin, Junior's son, and Mama Payne's nephew.

Waters family[]

  • Dr. Cliff Waters is the mean-spirted father of Gina & husband of Nadine. He is hated by the entire Payne family (including his son-in-law, Martin, & Mama Payne). He is the brother or brother-in-law of Gina's aunts, Sarah & Lois.
  • Nadine Waters is the kind-hearted mother of Gina & wife of Cliff. Nadine is also Matin's mother-in-law. Nadine is also friends with Pam.

James family[]

  • Pam's Mother was only mentioned in the show. She married Pam's ex-boyfriend. It's possible that her last name is James or Love. Pam did say that Alisha was her cousin on her mother's side, so Mrs. James has some unknown sibling.
  • Tammy is Pam's crazy cousin. Tammy has a crush on Martin. She lied about being a model.
  • Rev. Leon Lonny Love is Pam's disant cousin. Leon is crucket revron.
  • Alisha (surname probably Love or James) is another one of Pam's cousins. Pam did say that Alisha was her cousin on her mother's side.
  • Ernestine is yet another one of Pam's cousins.

Strawn family[]

Brown family[]

  • Madelyn "Maddie" Brown is the no-nonsense mother of Cole Brown.


  • Stan Winters is the former owner of WZUP, and former boss of Martin Payne.
  • Shawn McDermott is a former employee of WZUP, and former coworker of Martin Payne.